End-of-Year Event for Japanese Children

This is an event for students who are planning on studying abroad.

Please submit your student ID and the following amount when entering.

Greetings to all students studying abroad among the coronavirus pandemic.

Please take your time and experience the Japanese traditional cuisine and culture during the new year holidays.

Traditional Japan

Getting ready for New Year preparing Japanese dishes and making crafts.

In the morning, we will be making traditional Japanese food together with the kids.

We will be starting from scratch and begin from shopping for raw materials.

Then we will be doing the cutting, peeling, boiling, and all the way to flavoring at the end.

We will enjoy the warm foods with the kids and get to know each other better.

In the afternoon, we will be making crafts for new year, as well as traditional board games enjoyed by children since antiquity.

★Dec.25th(Fri.) ちゃんこ鍋(Chanko-nabe)Sumo wrestlers recipe pot

しめ縄(Shime-nawa)Door wreath

★Dec.28th(Mon.)すいとん(Suiton) Soup with dumplings

すごろく(Sugoroku)・福笑い(Fuku-warai) Board Games

★Dec.29th(Tue.)とん汁(Ton-jiru) Pork soup

門松(Kado-matsu)Gate decoration

9:00AM~2:00PM ¥1200  each day

Active Japan

Japanese craft and traditional games.

Let’s experience games and crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We will be learning about crafts and calligraphy alongside of Japanese children, and learn about Japanese traditions.

We aim at better communications by enjoying the new year games together with the kids.





9:00AM~2:00PM  ¥1200  each day

You can make any new year’s toy as you like.

書初め Kakizome ¥800

羽子板 Hagoita ¥1060

凧 Tako ¥480

こま Koma ¥770

カイト Kite Large ¥860

カイト Kite Small  ¥720

Advanced booking is required. Please let us know about the following 5 items:


2、Name of the participant.

3、Contacting phone number.


5,Dietary restrictions due to allergy or religious reasons.

Registration will be closed once the limit is reached. Limited sets available.

We will notify at a later date about what to bring to the classroom.

★Prevention of infections diseases:

1,Thorough disinfection and ventilation in the classroom.

2,Social distancing.

3,Alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers upon entry.

4,Masks and covering coughs.

★Notice to participants:

1,Please refrain from entering if you have a fever of 37.5℃ or above ,or if there is a suspected case of infection.

2,Wear masks and cover coughs.

3,Disinfect hands and fingers with alcohol spray.